Research Contents

Below are several research contents performed currently in our laboratory. However, as the research is developing, newer research topics are added and conducted at any time.


Integrated Energy Harvesting System (Power Generation)

Keywords: process design (ASPEN, Pro/II), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), coal, biomass, exergy recovery, energy efficiency, process integration, drying, gasification, chemical looping, power generation

Mutual co-utilization of secondary energy sources
Integrated renewable-based multi-generation systems

Clean Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Utilization

In order to realize the hydrogen society, highly efficient hydrogen production, storage, and utilization systems are modeled and analyzed based on the concepts of exergy recovery and process integration. The hydrogen production employs chemical looping which is able to separate CO2 and produce highly pure hydrogen.


Keywords: low-rank coal, gasification, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, chemical looping, carbon capture and storage (CCS), liquid organic hydrogen carrier

Possible routes of H2 production, storage, transportation, and utilization
Chemical looping CO2-free hydrogen production (left) and triply periodic minimal surface structure for metal hydride-based hydrogen storage
Hydrogen combustion simulation and prediction

Energy Management System and Utilization of Electric Vehicles in Grid Ancillary Services

The distributed electric vehicles (EVs) potentially provide ancillary services (e.g. frequency regulation) to the grid, especially when they are aggregated. The utilization of EVs results in a very responsive ancillary service compared to conventional regulators. In addition, advanced utilization of reused battery from EVs is also studied in terms of its potential for energy storage, regulators, etc.


Keywords: community energy management systems (CEMS), electric vehicle (EV), battery, charging station, simultaneous charging, quick charging, queueing, renewable energy

Advanced Utilization of Wastes for Efficient Energy Harvesting

Keywords: waste-to-energy, industrial wastes, agricultural wastes, energy conversion, hydrothermal, process design, secondary energy source, recycling

Advancement in Elemental Technologies

Keywords: heat transfer enhancement, drying, exergy recovery, heat coupling, fluid dynamics

Main Measurement Facilities in Lab

Thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA)Rigaku TG-DTA EV02
Gas chromatograph (GC) TCD and FID (with methanizer)Shimadzu GC-2014
Gas chromatograph (GC) TCDGLS GC-3200
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) with ATRShimadzu IRXross + QATR 10
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)Jasco FT/IR-6100FV
Mass spectrometry (MS)Ulvac Qulee with YTP-H BGM2-202
X-ray diffraction (XRD)Rigaku MiniFlex 600
Battery test systemScribner 580
CellTest Multichannel PotentiostatSolartron CellTest 1470E
Potentiostat/GalvanostatMetrohm Dropsens ST400
High speed cameraChronos 2.1-HD
LCR meterLCR-6200
Gas analyzerTesto 350
Combustion test chamber
Photo reactor system
Power AnalyzerHioki 3920
pH meterEutech PCWP300
and many others …